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Dividing the Qayyam al-Layl (Night Prayer) in the Last Ten nights of Ramadhaan – Compiled & Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya

Published by Miraath Publications Audio Excerpt: Miraath Publications – BiteSize Ramadhaan 1434 Articles – Day 19 1 – Abu Dawood as-Sijistani (d. 275 A.H.) said: ‘Imam Ahmad was asked while I was listening: Should the Qayyam – meaning the Taraweeh prayer – be delayed to the last part of the night? He -Rahimullaah- answered: ‘No, the(…)

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Du’a Qunut – Regarding Raising of the Hands and Saying ‘ameen’ aloud after the Du’aas are uttered – Shaikh ‘Ubaid

Bismillaah Al-Hamdulillaah wa salatu wa salaamu ‘ala rasulullaah Amma-ba’d Shaikh ‘Ubaid: I personally do not consider it permissible to add to this Qunut and elongate it with extra supplication due to it opposing the Sunnah Question no. 65: During the Taraweeh prayer, whilst the Imam is reciting supplications in the final Qunut, what is the(…)

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