Benefits of Always Being in Wudhoo – Shaykh Muhammad al-‘Uthaymeen

[Q]: What are the benefits that a Muslim will obtain if he constantly makes wuhdoo after everything that breaks it? [A]: Shaykh al-‘Uthaymeen [d. 1421 AH], may Allah have mercy on him, answered: The benefits that a Muslim obtains if he constantly makes wuhdoo after everything that breaks it are that he remains in a state of ritual purity, and remaining(…)

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Does the menstruating woman make wudhu before sleep?

Compiled by Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis (hafidhahullaah) @ http://ah-sp.com Bismillahi wal Hamdullillah Was Salaatu Was Salaamu ‘Alaa Rasoolillah Ammaa Ba’d: I was asked about this issue earlier today thus i share this benefit. Concerning this issue the scholars have a number of statements. Their statements revolve firstly around the fact that the Messenger Sallallahu alaihi was(…)

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What is the word siwak?

Using Miswak – By sheikh Faraj Mutlaq Dalil-ut-Talib – From the 3rd class What is the word siwak? The word Siwak describes both the action and name of stick used for cleaning ones teeth. The stick (siwak) is legislated by of our Prophet(sallahu alahi wasalaam) , it is a preferred sunna, that means if one(…)

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