Fasting on Saturday – Explained by Shaykh Ubaid

Fasting on Saturday Explained by Shaykh Ubaid Question: Our Shaykh, may Allah give you good; this coming Saturday coincides with the 10th of Muharam. The questioner says: Do we fast on this day? And for those who view fasting on Saturday, with the exception of the obligatory fast is prohibited are they correct in criticizing(…)

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[Must Read] Rulings on Fasting on Saturday

Bismillahi-rRahmani-Raheem Assalamualaykkum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, As there is difference of opinion among scholars concerning Fasting on Saturday, please find the attached documents with ruling on this subject and their proofs presented… Attachments: ( Click on the Below Links to read the documents) Summarized points of – Fasting on Saturday  – By Shaykh Uthaymeen Shaykh Al Albani(…)

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