Hadiths with regard to singling out the Day of ‘Ashura’ for wearing Kuhl, bathing, dying with Henna and so on are all Fabricated

 117- Hadith: Anyone who bathes on the Day of ‘Ashura’ will not be sick during that whole year All the Hadiths mentioned in respect of bathing on the Day of ‘Ashura’ (10th of Muharram), wearing Kuhl (antimony powder eyeliner), dying (with Henna), in addition to other acts observed by Ahl-ul-Sunnah (those adhering to the Sunnah)(…)

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Misguidance of the Rafidah Concerning of the Noble Qur’an – Sheikh Ali Al-Haddadi

From the misguidance of the Rafidah concerning of the Noble Qur’an Sheikh Ali Al-Haddadi Likewise, the Rafidah have gone astray concerning some issues associated with the noble Qur’an, and from them: First: the belief of the Rafidah in the change and alteration of the Qur’an: We believe that all of the Qur’an is preserved in(…)

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A Warning Against the Spread of the Deen of the Rawafidh (Shia) – Shaykh Rabee

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