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The One who Does Not Pray but Fasts : Is His Fast Accepted? – Shaykh Muhammad Akoor

Question: The second question, O Shaykh: A man does not pray but fasts; is his fast acceptable and does this expel him from the religion? Answer: The fast is not accepted from him. This is because the fast is the fourth pillar from the pillars of Al-Islaam. Before it comes the foundation of the religion,(…)

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How to Deal With the Elderly Person Who Does Not Pray or Commits Acts of Disobedience

Published on 3 Apr 2012 by SalafiCentreUK Question to Shaikh Abdur-Razzaaq Al-Badr: ”How is the elderly person dealt with, if he does not establish the prayer or if he commits some of the (acts) of disobedience? Answer: We know from what has preceded (i.e. in the lecture) that the elderly person has rights due to(…)

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