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Watching and Sharing YouTube Videos in a Safe Way

November 17, 2014

Many times we like to watch and share the beneficial youtube videos. But as you aware, there is a great fitnah/trial on visiting

Option 1 – http://SafeShare.TV

Now here is the beneficial way to share youtube videos to your family and friends is fitnah free environment. is a website that takes YouTube videos and gets rid of almost all of the advertisements and junk around the main video. Safeshare even removes the ads that are often showed before popular videos. Using it is very simple. All you do is copy the YouTube link and go to the website and paste it. Then you are given a new link to use instead of the YouTube link.

Option 2 –

Quietube is a handy little browser extension that removes all the clutter from YouTube allowing you to view only your selected video. Quietube removes all advertising, sidebar content, comments, and ratings. Installing Quietube requires nothing more than dragging the Quietube button to your toolbard. Then anytime that you’re on YouTube click the Quietube button to remove all of the clutter and just watch your selected video. Visit the website to know more.

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