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Why was Ibrahim, peace be upon him, afraid? – Explained by Shaykh Fawzan

February 23, 2013

Why was Ibrahim, peace be upon him, afraid?
Explained by Shaykh Fawzan


The questioner says: Noble Shaykh may Allah give you success. We want from you to clarify for us the statement of Ibrahim—prayers and peace are upon him—when he supplicated to his Lord to distance him from idol worship, despite the fact that he—prayers and peace are upon him—was infallible? 

Shaykh Fawzan:

He feared for himself. He did not laud himself. This shows that man should not admire himself, and he should fear misguidance and he should fear deviance. This is a great subtlety; that the person fears deviance, he fears misguidance. How many scholars have gone astray! How many worshippers have deviated and disbelieved! Thus the person fears for himself as long as he is alive. And he does not admire himself. When things increase; when things increase the person fears for himself. When the fitna increases the person fear for himself that he will fall into and it will afflict him.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee
Masjid Tawheed wa Sunnah

Video Courtesy: Easa Ibn Roy

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