Ahsanal-Laahu ilaykum. Another questioner says: “Is the du’aa (supplication) in front of the Ka’bah from the places where du’aa is accepted? And what is the ruling on holding and wiping over the covering of the Ka’bah?”


Holding and wiping over the covering or the stones of the Ka’bah has no basis [in the religion]. Nothing from the Ka’bah is touched except ar-Rukn al-Yamaanee (the Yemeni Corner) and al-Hajar al-Aswad (the Black Stone); this is touched and the Yemeni Corner is only touched. And the Black Stone is touched and is kissed if possible, or [only] touched or pointed to from far away if he faces it. As for the rest of the Ka’bah, then he should not wipe over or attach himself to anything of it, nor to its door. This is from the khuraafaat (myths or superstitions). Rather, the Ka’bah serves to make Tawaaf around it, to pray towards it and to supplicate near it, without attaching oneself to it or to its covering. He supplicates near it, especially in al-Multazam; what is between the Corner and the door or between the Black Stone and the door. He stands there and supplicates. This is a place where the du’aa is accepted, if Allaah — subhaanahu wa ta’aala — wills and if the supplicating person has a sincere intention. Na’am.

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