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"I can sit with the innovator because I’m well-grounded" – Answered by Shaykh Rabee

December 28, 2012


The questioner says: When some of the brothers are advised to avoid associating with the people of innovation and to avoid their gatherings, they answer with the statement: ‘I’m well-grounded.’ Therefore what is your advice? May Allah preserve you.

Answer: (Shaykh Rabee)

We say to him, if you were well-grounded you would not associate with them. If you were well-grounded you would have known the Salafi Minhaj, you would know the danger which you are exposed to, you would know about the victims from those just like you; those who were deceived just like you. By Allah, if you were like that (well grounded) you would not walk with the people of innovation. Many of the people associate with the people of innovation using the argument that he is going to benefit them!

Oh my brother they don’t benefit from the Scholars so how are they going to benefit from you?!! They reject the statements of ibn Baz and Albani and ibn Uthameen, may Allah have mercy upon them, and they reject the statements of other Scholars from the Imaams of Islam, and they are going to accept it from you?!! This is madness. Furthermore there is a ninety nine percent chance that you will become one of their followers.

Translated by Rasheed Barbee

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