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(Inspirational) The Advice of Asmaa bint Abu Bakr (radiallaahu anha) to her son Abdullah Ibn Zubair (radhi Allaahu anhu)

December 5, 2012

From the tape “The life of Abdullah Ibn Zubair-By Shaikh Muhammed Anjaree”.

Below are the words of advise Asmaa bint Abu Bakr radiallaahu anha gave to her son at the age of over 100 years and he himself was over 60 years of age defending this deen and Allah (subhanna wa ta ala) had granted them the preservation of their faculties and vigour! May Allah Have Mercy upon them.Ameen.


The last stage of Abdullah Ibn Zubair life, and that was when he fought against Hajjaj, which was in the year beginning 70 A.H. Mekkah at that time was surrounded by Hajjajs’ Army and they had laid siege to Mekkah for approximately one and a half years……..

When he entered into Mekkah he (Hajjaj) sent a letter to Abdullah Ibn Zubair saying you have three choices;

  1. You can be taken and chained to Abdul Malik who was then the Khalifah of Damascus.
  2. Or leave by yourself and give up all the lands that he had overcome like Egypt, Iraq, Yemen /leave the Khalifa.
  3. Or continue fighting.

So he had these three chooses from Hajjaj. He then went to his mother (Asma bint Abu Bakr radiallaahu anha) who was still alive for advice and she was over a hundred years. So Abdullah Ibn Zubair said, to his mother,

“So the people have left me by myself, even my own son, no-one is with me except a handful of people all I have is an hour of patience and then death and if I were to do what the people want me to do then I will be free.”

So then Asmaa (radiallaahu anha) replied to her son, she said,

“You know better in your own self that if you are upon the truth and you are calling towards the truth go forth for people more honourable than you were killed and have been killed and if you are not upon the truth, then what an evil son you are, you have destroyed yourself and those who are with you. If you say what you say, that if you are upon the truth and you will be killed at the hands of others then you will not truly be free, for this is not the statement of someone who is free”.

Then she said to her son, this is the statement of the mother to her son,

“how long will you live in this world, death is more beloved to me than this state you are on/ this state of weakness.”

Then this conversation between Abdullah Ibn Zubair and his mother continued.

Then he said to his mother after she had told him to go forth and fight.

He said, “I am afraid I will be mutilated by the people of Sham,I am afraid that they will cut up my body after they have killed me”

So she said to her son,”after someone has died it won’t make any difference what they do to you if you have been killed.”

Abdullah Ibn Zubair then said to his mother,”I did not come to you except to increase myself in knowledge.” The shaikh wanted to point out,look at the manners which he presented towards his mother, this was the manners of the Salaf how they would behave towards their parents.

He said to her, “I did not come to you except to increase me in knowledge, look and pay attention to this day for verily I am a dead man, your son never drank wine, nor was he fornicator, nor did he wrong any Muslim or Kaafir, nor was he unjust, I am not saying this to you to show off or show how pure I am but rather as an honour to you.”

So then  Abdullah Ibn Zubair  left by himself on his horse and he was killed by the Army of Hajjaj and when he was killed by the Army of Hajjaj all the Army said “Allah hu Akhbar” and Ibn Umer (radiallaahu anhu) heard this and he said,
” how strange is it that this man when he was born all of the Muslims said “Allah hu Akhbar” and now that he is killed everyone is also saying “Allah hu Akhbar”.

Then Hajjaj crucified him and said,” No one must put down his body except Asmaa (radiallaahu anha ), she must come to me and ask permission of me and only then will his body be put down”.

Asmaa (radiallahu anha.) refused to go and ask permission to put down her sons body and it was said to her,
“if you don’t go his body will remain like that.” So she said ” let it be then”.

Until eventually, Hajjaj came to her and said,

“what do you say about this matter ” and she said,

” Verily you have destroyed him you have ruined his life and with that you have ruined your hereafter.”

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