Division of the Udhiyah (Sacrificial Meat of Eid al Adha)
Taken from Book of Udhiyah By Shaykh Uthaymeen from Noor Al Darb
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Shaykh Uthaymeen stated:

As for the method of distributing (the Udhiyah) then Allah the Most High Says
“ Then eat thereof and feed therewith the poor who have a very hard time”. [Surah Hajj:28]

And He says “eat thereof, and feed the beggar who does not ask (men), and the beggar who asks (men)” [Surah Hajj:36]

So the person eats from the Udhiyah, and give some as charity to those poor and gives some as a gift to those rich as a means of bringing about love. This brings about three matters intended by the legislation in regards to the Udhiyah:

Firstly: Enjoying in the blessing of Allah by eating from it.

Secondly: Hoping in the reward of Allah and that is by giving charity from it.

Thirdly: Brings love amongst the servants of Allah by way of giving it as a gift.

And this is from lofty intent of the legislation which is why some of the scholars prefer it to be thirds. A third to eat from, a third to give in charity and a third given as a gift.

End of the Shaykh’s words.

Translated by: Yusuf Shamsid-Deen

أما كيف توزع فقد قال الله تعالى (فكلوا منها وأطعموا البائس الفقير) وقال سبحانه: (فكلوا منها وأطعموا القانع والمعتر) فيأكل الإنسان منها ويتصدق منها على الفقراء ويهدي منها للأغنياء تألفا وتحببا حتى يجتمع في الأضحية ثلاثة أمور مقصودة شرعية:

الأمر الأول: التمتع بنعمة الله وذلك في الأكل منها.

الأمر الثاني: رجاء ثواب الله وذلك بالصدقة منها.

الأمر الثالث: التودد إلى عباد الله وذلك بالهدية منها وهذه معان جليلة مقصودة للشرع ولهذا استحب بعض العلماء أن تكون أثلاثا فثلث يأكله وثلث يتصدق به وثلث يهديه.