Published on 17 May 2012 by salafeeonline
Scholar: ´Allâmah ´Abdul-Karîm bin ´Abdillâh al-Khudhayr
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Question: Does the one who says that the Qur’ân is created apostate?

Shaykh al-Khudhayr:

Salaf did Takfîr upon the one who says that the speech of Allâh is created. This however, is Takfîr upon a kind and not upon an individual. It is for example not said that az-Zamakhsharî was a disbeliever because of him being a Mu’tazilî and Mu’tazilah say that the Qur’ân is created. The opinion [that it is created] is nevertheless disbelief. There is a difference between Takfîr upon a kind and attribute and [the Takfîr] upon an individual. To make Takfîr upon an individual, it is required that the conditions are met while the obstacles are removed.

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