In the name of Allah, and all praise belongs to Allah. May salutation and
blessing also be bestowed upon the Messenger.

Book : Saheeh al-Bukhaaree
Section: The Book of Knowledge
Teacher: Shaikh Muhammad Muhammadi an-Nooristaani

On the 24th of Rabee’ at-Thaanee of the year 1433 coinciding with the 17th of March of the year 2012, we benefited the following from the esteemed Shaikh, Muhammad Muhammadi an-Nooristaani, may Allah preserve him:

The Saheeh of al-Bukhaaree is the most authentic book on the face of the earth after the Noble Qur’aan. The author took great care in compiling and arranging his Saheeh. There is no word that he placed inside of it except due to a wisdom. His choice of words, in all of its brevity, often shows his excellence in the Arabic language and the depth of his Fiqh. There is even extensive wisdom in the sequence of order he chose for each Hadeeth. Rather, there is even superb scholarship in the order he entitled the books of his Saheeh.

al-Bukhaaree, may Allah bestow mercy upon him, began his Saheeh with the Book of the Beginning of Revelation since revelation takes precedence over all matters in the religion and it is the source of our religion itself. Thereafter, he brings the Book of Eemaan (Faith) as revelation causes us to have proper belief and correct belief is based upon revelation. And From Eemaan (Faith) is Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism).

So due to the importance of Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism), he ends his Saheeh with the Book of Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism) bringing us back to the same Eemaan (Faith) we began with. After Eemaan (Faith), is the Book of Knowledge since one’s belief must be based upon legislative knowledge and knowledge must precede speech and action which are two of the three most integral components of Eemaan (Faith). Succeeding the Book of Knowledge, the author, may Allah bestow mercy upon him, then delves into the actions of Islaam showing that actions are from Eemaan beginning with purification and the prayer.

Of course this poses a question to us. If amazing benefits such as these can be extracted simply from the arrangement of the titles of his books within his Saheeh, what does one think about the vast ocean of knowledge that must be contained within the books themselves?!

We ask Allah, the Mighty, the Majestic, that He allows us to truly benefit from this work granting us sincerity therein. We ask Allah that he showers our teachers in his mercy. And We ask Allah to grant never ending reward to the authors of the works we are studying from.

Abu Rayhaanah Aqil ibn Kenneth Ingram

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