“O you who have emaan”
Tafseer Surah An Noor
Sheikh Salim Ibn Sa’ad At-Tawil

When you find in the book of Allah “O you who have emaan”  give it your ear, give importance to what is about to be said, because this is nothing other than a good that is being commanded or evil that is being prohibited.

This is a Great affair that Allah calls out to you. If one of you tries to connect with an important person, you would be excited saying, “I contacted such and such”. If a person of high ranking said to you , ” come here I want meet you” you would be excited by this.

How about if the one calling you is Allah Subhana wa ta Ala? You need to feel and understand that you are the one intended by this call.  You are one of those who Allah is calling out to.

When you find “Oh you who possess emaan” or “O you who believe” this indicates a command or prohibition, and if you were to perform the command it is from emaan. If you were to avoid the prohibition this too is from emaan.

(This note is an excerpt from notes taken during class and should not be referenced as a word for word transcription of  the lecture)

Source: Posted by a sister in Mahad-ul-Furqan Yahoo groups