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Q and A Session with Shaykh Falaah bin Ismaeel al-Mundakaar

February 9, 2012
Shaykh Falaah bin Ismaeel al-Mundakaar answered 45 questions posed by the brothers and sisters from Masjid Daar us Sunnah. We ask Allah to accept this from him and us.
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1) I have a lot of hair around my armpits and private area. So is it permissible for me to seek (laser) treatment from a Doctor? I have tried to pluck my hair but it has caused me much trouble.

2) How do we understand the statement of Ibn Taymiyaah in Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 32/194: Whoever thinks of increasing his daughter’s mahr and asking for more than what the daughters of the Messenger of Allah were given – when they were the best women in this world in all aspects – is an ignorant fool. The same applies to asking for more than what the Mothers of the Believers were given. This applies even if one is well off and can afford it. With regard to one who is poor, he should not give a mahr greater than what he can afford to pay without any hardship”?

3) A brother continues to contact me with reminders of lectures and events even after he has married another women. What is your advice?

4) What is the ruling on wearing the uniform of the nurses? This uniform reaches the middle of the shin and I wear clothes underneath to cover my body.

5) What is the time period which is permissible for me to be away from my wife?

6) The majority of the schools here are mixed and now I go to a girl’s school. Is it permissible for a sister to work in a call centre where she sits behind a desk on her own table? The place is mixed but there isn’t any communication with the opposite gender. I need to pay my education fees for a girl’s only school.

7) I pray in a Masjid which follows the Hanafee Madhab. If I see an evil is it permissible for me to change it?
8) A questioner from Iran asks, is it permissible to migrate to Iran?
9) What is the ruling on wearing high heels?10) I work in a hotel as a deputy manager. Is this job regarded as haraam? The hotel sells alcohol, but I have nothing to do with dealing with it.

11) How can we achieve brotherhood?

12) Do the women receive the same reward as the men for praying in congregation?

13) When do you make the remembrance for the night, is it after Asr or Maghrib?

14) What is the difference between defensive and offensive jihad and are there any conditions?

15) Is it obligatory upon me to obey my parents if they do not allow me to marry?

16) Some women reject the idea of polygamy, what is the ruling on this?

17) My parents mock me because I wear the Jilbab. What do you advise me?

18) (A brother asks) I have a sister on my father’s side that lives with her mother. Am I allowed to visit her while she is with her mother?

19) What is the correct method to rid oneself from arrogance and boastfulness?

20) I want to assist my father to offer hajj every year, but he claims that he is not ready. I fear that he will die without performing it. Is he sinful?

21) Is it permissible to pray the Friday prayer in a musala because the masjid in our neighbourhood is Sufi?

22) A person inherited a house which was purchased with an interested base mortgage. Is this house halal for him?

23) A person in prayer performed Sujood directly after Rukoo without rising. Then he performed the two prostrations of forgetfulness. Is this correct?

24) I am a traveller and I have heard that it is not obligatory to attend the Friday prayer. However, I have the ability to attend it, should I attend it?

25) Every time I intend to sleep the shaytan comes to me and tells me the angle of death is in the room who wants to take my soul. What is your advice for me?

26) What is the ruling on buying cats or dogs?

27) I want to work in this country however I have heard that the tax is used for the war in Iraq. What do you advise me with?

28) My father has a daughter who he does not contact. What is your advice for him?

29) A brother in hospital (Abdullah Preston) asks for you to supplicate for him as he is in hospital.

30) A person translates an answer from the Shaykh but does not translate it correctly and sometimes adds to the question from his desires. What do we say to this person?

31) What is your advice to the one who says you cannot praise the companions as Allah has said, “And do not praise yourselves.”?

32) Is it permissible to use the miswak while in a lesson or while the teacher is teaching?

33) Should a revert have circumcision?

34) Is it obligatory for a person to perform wudu if he becomes Muslim?

35) Will I be rewarded if I marry more than one wife?

36) Is it permissible to wipe over the head scarf?

37) What are the conditions on rebelling against the ruler and do we call those people who demonstrate al-Khawaarij?

38) Is it permissible to pray the four sunnah prayers before Dhuhr with one tashahud?

39) Is it permissible to use the term “Divinely Religions”?

40) What is your advice for a sister who wants to leave the religion and commit suicide due to waswasa?

41) Is it correct that Imam Ahmed permitted supplicating to Allah through the Prophet Muhammed?

42) What is the ruling on using sand from the Dead Sea as skin cream?

43) What is the ruling if someone performs the prayer in front of the Imam in the Friday prayer?

44) If someone performs wudu but forgets to wipe his head. Is his prayer correct?

45) What is your advice for the brothers and sisters at Masjid Daar us Sunnah?

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