I have to be patient and wait on Allah’s decree

I constantly pray that hijrah awaits me,

I wish to move to the land of the moslimoon

I wish that the distance between me and the mushrik is like

The distance of the Earth to the moon

I want to be raise in a pious land

Where scholars and students are as far away as a hand span

I want this for myself and not because of my parents

I want to please Allah and that is all that is apparent

I wish I can dream a dream of making Hajj

and then getting on the plane heading to Damaaj

My parents taught me the importance of gaining knowledge

and now its of my own desire to go to Salafi College

You see Harvard University doesn’t impress me

send me to the Medina Univeristy

I want to know more of my Lord before I meet Him

I don’t want to be of those who lose, but those who win

It is hard to find peers on the same page

A lot of people my age just think there is still time to play

I am very careful of the company I keep

Making sure they are strong so I may not become weak

A muslim child in the west has Oh so many tests

I wish to be a Muslim Child in the east

sitting with the scholars where my mind is at peace

– taken from muslimaat.info

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