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The sick individual prays, if his clothes contain defilements and he is not able to clean them

December 5, 2010

The Sheikh, Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen -rahimahullah- while mentioning the dangers of speaking without knowledge, said:

There are many examples to illustrate (the dangers of) giving religious verdicts (fatwa) without knowledge.  From them:

The verdict that a sick person, if his clothes become defiled and he is not able to clean them, he is informed that prayer is not obligatory upon him until he cleans his clothing.

This verdict is a lie, a mistake and incorrect.  The sick individual prays, even if his clothes contain defilements.  In fact, even if impurities are on his body, and he is not able to clean them (he continues to perform prayer). As Allah says in the Quran (meaning):

“Fear Allah to the best of your ability.” [Surah at-Tagabun 64:16]

Because of this mistaken, incorrect verdict, some Muslims die without praying.  If only they knew that the sick person prays in any state he may be in (according to one’s ability), they would have died while still performing prayer.

[Kitaabul ‘Ilm pg. 79 Ar.]

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