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How to Keep Pictures off Your Computer – Moosa Richardson

August 18, 2010

As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah

If you are annoyed and frustrated with all the filthy pictures that come into your house when you only want to read your email, then do this (this is for MS Internet Explorer):

1) In the top of your browser, go to TOOLS
3) Click on the ADVANCED tab at the top
4) Scroll down to the option SHOW PICTURES, remove the check from the box
5) Click APPLY

Now you will see blank boxes for all jpegs and gifs (picture files), if you do need to see them, as they may be buttons or pictures of things that are permissible, just click on the blank square with your right mouse button and choose SHOW PICTURE.  Try it here on salafitalk, you will only be prevented from seeing the banner at the top of the screen, everything else is still there.

This is especially good for email, especially yahoo, since it seems to be the filthiest by far.

May ALlaah help us to rid our houses of the munkar that creeps in without our intention!

After knowing this, you should realize that NOW YOU HAVE THE CHOICE to either allow pictures or not.  So if you continue to bring fitnah into your own home, it is by your choice, you can not say that there is no way around it!

Remember that the angels do not enter a house with a picture in it. [See Saheeh Al-Jaami’ #7260-7262]

Moosaa Richardson

Other Comments:

Or you can use the FREE Mozilla browser ( With it you can block images completely from your mail, and you can selectively block images from websites, so that for Islamic sites you can still view all of the icons, banners, etc. images that make browsing easier and more enjoyable.

Go to Tools –> Options –> Content
uncheck “Load Images Automatically”
or you can add exeptions

or The FireFox browser has multiple free add-ons that you can use the block advertisements and images. (For e.g ADBlock )

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