AL-FAWA’ID: A Collection of Wise Syaings

Forbidden pleasure is combined with ugliness and it will cause pain after the moment has passed. If you feel strongly inclined toward it, you should think about the pain it will leave behind. It is necessary to compare the two matters and discover the difference between them.

Suffering pain while worshiping Allah is combined with a good soul that will bear the fruit of pleasure and relief. When the soul finds it heavy and thinks to stop the pain and then compares the end results of the two  matters, he will surely prefer the way of hardship.

If you feel pain because of deeds, you should think about the happiness, joy, and pleasure you will gain, then the pain will seem easy to bear. If you get hurt because of abandoning some kind of forbidden pleasure, you should think abou1 the pain that follows it and compare the two kinds.

To make the correct choice, you must know the reasons and consequences of each act and then choose that which is more deserving and useful. Whoever succeeds at doing this, would choose the better and prefer it. Whoever thinks about this Worldly life and the Hereafter, would know that he will never gain either of them except by hardship. He should bear this hardship in order to gain the best and more lasting of them.

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