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Women Working without being In need of it – Imam Ibn Baz

July 15, 2009


Does a woman follow her whims and desires if she’s working without being in need of the money ?


No, she is not. She doesn’t follow her whims and desires if it is a noble and respected work with no free mixing. If she only works amongst women without any unjustice taking place and hostility, all while her husband is allowing her to work if she is married, then she is not following her whims and desrires.

There is different kinds of work. If it maintains disobediance to Allah, then it is obligatory on her to leave it. If the job leads to free mixing between men and women and showing her beauty, then this is also haram.

But if it is allowed and Shariah-based, as being a teacher for girls, or a nurse, doctor for women. Then it is a permissble act. Alhamdulillah.

Question :

If she isn’t in need of the money, is it still permissble ?


Yes it is. She might for example, want more money, or need it to give away in charity etc.


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